Cabinet Refacing How-To

American How-To magazine has not been published for many years. It met with mixed reviews in its day, but I can tell you they treated me good back in 1998 when they paid my expenses to fly out to Minnetonka, Minnesota and reface a kitchen for the magazine article that follows.

I wish I could remember the Managing Editor's name. The guy was a class act. Very professional and friendly. And he paid me well for the gig. The only problem was that I arrived in Minnetonka with one of the most excruciating headaches of my life. It was bad. I don't travel well.

Fortunately, I was feeling better the next day when, with several other editors at the magazine, we started refacing the kitchen and taking photos. We put in one big day. I flew home the next, while they finished up the project. They were all great guys.

This article was heavily edited to cut it down to size and make it conform to the voice of that particular publication. But the pictures are good and it provides an excellent overview of my technique for veneer-wrapping cabinet face frames.

I could find no trace of American How-To magazine on the internet, so I was not able to ask permission to republish this here. I'm just assuming that it will be okay to do so.

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