I’ve Compiled a Library of “Lost” Books and Newsletters For Professional Cabinet Refacers

By: Herrick Kimball

It may not look like much but this USB flash drive 
contains two books and nine newsletters!

If you are a professional cabinet refacer, or you are looking to tap into this lucrative and satisfying remodeling niche, I’ve put together a unique resource that can be a big help to you. It doesn’t look like much but this USB flash drive is packed with value. Here are the details...

Back when my Taunton Press book, Refacing Cabinets: Making an Old Kitchen New was in the pipeline to be published, I focused on launching a cabinet refacing trade journal in newsletter format. The first issue of Professional Kitchen Craftsman (PKC) was published in July of 1997. It was subtitled, “shoptalk for cabinet refacers and conventional kitchen remodelers.”

Four Issues of PKC Newsletter

PKC was my attempt to 1.) bring greater legitimacy to the craft of cabinet refacing by promoting high-end cabinet refacing techniques and 2.) help cabinet refacers be more successful in their business. The newsletter was very well received and had several hundred subscribers before, regrettably, I had to let it go. I published nine bimonthly issues.

The newsletter failed because I didn’t charge enough to pay it’s expenses, and I could no longer justify the time it took me to produce it. PKC was a labor of love, and it was really starting to go places but, on a personal level, it ended up being a big financial loss.

The good news is that the nine issues of PKC that I did publish were crammed with ideas, insights and reader feedback that is still as informative and useful today as it was back then. Granted, information about pricing and some product suppliers is now outdated, but the craft and business ideas are not (and actually, the outdated aspects of the newsletter have value in their historical perspective). 

So, the first thing you will find packed into the unassuming little USB flash drive I’m offering here is pdf scans of all 85 pages  of Professional Kitchen Craftsman, issues #1 to #9. That in itself is a great resource, but there are also a couple more great resources for cabinet refacers in this flash drive.

The Successful Cabinet Refacer is a book I put together after I stopped publishing PKC newsletter. It is a compilation of many articles that were in PKC, but there is also a lot of content in this book that never made it into the newsletter. The Successful Cabinet Refacer is 74 pages in length, and a pdf scan of this book is in the flash drive I’m offering here.

I like to think of The Professional Cabinet Refacer, together with PKC newsletter, as the equivalent of a roundtable discussion for professional cabinet refacers. Or, you could look at it as an in-print national cabinet refacing convention. That’s because these unique resources contain input from 40 cabinet refacing professionals from across America. It is all about being successful at the craft and business of cabinet refacing. 

The one big difference between this flash drive full of cabinet refacing insights and a national cabinet refacer’s convention is, of course, the cost. The convention will cost you a whole lot more than the $19.95 I’m charging. 

And, finally, I have packed one more valuable resource into this flash drive. It is my self-published book, Winning With References: How to Sell Yourself and Your Professional Services With  A Unique and Powerfully Persuasive Reference & Resume Handout. This manual details how to do exactly what the title says. And the results are proven…

In issue #9 of PKC newsletter you will read the testimonial of a cabinet refacer from New Hampshire who reported that, after making a R&R handout according to my book, and putting it to use as I strategize in the book, he “closed the last 10 out of 11 sales.” Prior to that, the guy says he had a closing rate of around  50%. 

The R&R handout, as I developed it, and explain in my book, is nothing short of marketing dynamite. If I charged $500 for the information in this 47-page book, it would still be one of the best business investments you ever made. No, I’m not exaggerating.

The bottom line with these printed resources when they were created nearly 20 years ago was to help you be a better-informed and more successful cabinet refacing professional. And today, this flash-drive-compilation of information (200+ pages) serves the same objective. I’m pleased to make all of this available to you again.

About The Flash Drive

I have scanned all these documents and packaged them onto a high-quality SanDisk USB flash drive (it is not one of the el cheapo flash drives that can be bought for a couple bucks). Plug the flash drive into the USB port on your desktop computer and all this education will be right there for you. You must, of course, have a pdf reader, like Adobe Acrobat, installed on your computer. 

Since these pdf files are scans of pages and not original files, you will get optimum clarity on a larger desktop screen, and if you expand the view just a bit, the clarity goes from  good to just about perfect. That’s something to remember.

Availability: In stock. Ready to ship.
Price: $19.95 (postage paid)

PKC Sample Page
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