Veneer Slick 2

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In my Refacing Cabinets book I show a veneer smoothing tool that I made. I named it the Veneer Slick (see below). It was a useful tool, but shortly after the book was published I came up with a better idea. 

The Veneer Slick II has the same HDPE material for a smoothing blade, but with the longer handle (8.5") it allows for two-handed smoothing leverage. Which is to say, you can get more concentrated pressure on the veneer with less effort. And that's not all...

The end of the handle is beveled, with aluminum at the tip. This bevel is ideal for smoothing strips of veneer into tight corners, as is done when veneer-wrapping cabinet face frames. Here's a picture of the beveled handle end...

The aluminum side of the tool is bonded to the wood (oak) with Gorilla epoxy. The handle is then reinforced with low-profile screw posts. Two screw posts secure the HDPE blade.

The 3-1/4" HDPE blade can be "renewed" with a couple swipes from a sharp block plane. The aluminum end (1.5" wide) can be touched up with a small file.

This is a downright handy tool.

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Veneer Slick 1
(a vintage refacing tool)

Veneer Slick 2 Announcement
(from 1998)

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