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That Is Long Overdue...

By: Herrick Kimball
Dateline: 8 January 2019
Updated: 19 January 2022

It has been 20 years since I wrote the above book for The Taunton Press. They are still selling it, but I can tell from my quarterly royalty statements, that it is not selling like it once did. Not hardly. I won’t be surprised if it goes out of print soon.

The good news is that when this now-classic cabinet refacing manual is no longer in print, used copies will be available for years to come. I say it’s good news because even after two decades, just about everything I teach about cabinet refacing in that book is still 100% accurate and applicable for doing a remarkably good job of refacing kitchen cabinets. 

The only thing I see that’s out of date in the book is me. My hair is now noticeably gray (and I have a beard). Other than that, the refacing Resources at the back of the book could, admittedly, use some updating. But all the how-to details for sizing doors, and veneer-wrapping  old face frames have not changed. You simply will not find better instructions for this high-end refacing technique anywhere else.

Veneer-wrapping of face frames results in a finished look that is as good as it gets. And if the veneer is applied as I explain in the book, there will never be any problems. I can say that with total assurance because the kitchen I refaced for the book is my own, and after 20 years, not one square centimeter of veneer has come loose. The spring hinges on the doors have lost their springs. A lazy Susan shelf is broken. One drawer slide no longer works smoothly. But the oak-veneered face frames are still in great shape.

I was 39 years old when I wrote Refacing Cabinets. I had worked in the building trades for 20 years. Ten of those years I was self employed as a home remodeler, focusing on kitchen and bathroom remodeling. I remodeled hundreds of kitchens and bathrooms. Probably 1/4 of the kitchens were refaced, and those were near the end of my remodeling career (which lasted only three more years after the book was published). Then I moved on to other things. These days I have created a unique mail order business called Planet Whizbang. Check it out sometime.

So, there’s some background on my cabinet refacing book and myself. Now, as for this web site, I have created it for the purpose of promoting some nifty tools for refacing that I developed way back when. You’ll find them down the right side of this page. Just click on the pictures for all the details.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me: Herrick@PlanetWhizbang.com